Experience Bad Honnef with all senses

Taste, smell, hear, see – a city has to be explored with all senses! The taste of ice cream reminds everyone of summer in Italy, a song brings back memories of certain moments, we smell pine needles and think of Christmas or we see a painting and associate something with it.  This is also how a place remains in our memory by experiencing it with all our senses!

Taste of home

Bad Honnef is a city of pleasure! It is not for nothing that our city festivities focus on enjoyment. Whether “Martinimarkt”, “Fühl Dich Frühlich” and especially at the monthly “Schlemmerabende” from April to October – we enjoy ourselves! Good wine is a must with good food – at the base of the Drachenfels a wonderful wine grows on sun-drenched trachyte rock! And we also know how to make chocolate – at the “Confisserie Coppeneur”, everyone has fallen for it!

Podcasts & reading tips

Did you know that Bad Honnef has its own song? If not, you should definitely listen to this declaration of love to the city! And we also have a lot to offer in terms of literature. Not only have famous authors such as Heinz G. Konsalik written some of their most famous novels here in Bad Honnef, but the town itself has also been the setting for stories.

Bad Honnef up close

Bad Honnef, the city of vitality! Discover with our videos, for example the short film about the “Lebensfreudefestival” (joie de vivre festival), why so many people enjoy living here as much as they do! Let impressions of the city and its surroundings enchant you and discover tips for hikes as well as things to do in Bad Honnef.

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