The park landscape

A walk through the parks of Bad Honnef is always worth it. The Kurpark directly on the main street is captivating because of its architecturally interesting peripheral buildings. The Kurhaus in art nouveau style on the left is connected to the neighbouring hotel by an arcade. Also in the park you find on the outside wall of the southern building the Edelhoff spring, where locals and guests alike used to fill their bottles with Bad Honnef’s healing water. The path leads through a small park with the “Seminarishotel“ towards the city park. The recently restored Lion Monument is an optical highlight there. The Bad Honnef park landscape is characterized by a multitude of different, partly exotic trees such as the gingko tree, the chestnut tree or the redwood tree. North of the city park is the Reitersdorf Park. Committed citizens take care of the preservation of the remains of an old castle wall, maintain a chess set and keep the park in good shape by doing lots of work on their own. An annual ‘Diner en blanc’ with by now more than 1000 guests provides the financial support.