Worth seeing – what not to miss in Bad Honnef

Explore the beautiful districts of Rhöndorf, Rommersdorf-Bondorf, Selhof or Aegidienberg during a city tour. Visit the Konrad Adenauer house with its remarkable memorial dedicated to the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Discover the car-free island of Grafenwerth with its beautiful leisure pool or the Löwenburg on the second highest mountain of the Siebengebirge. To immerse yourself in the exciting history of the town, we recommend a tour along the “Bad Honnefer Geschichtsweg” (Bad Honnef History Trail). The corresponding information brochures (only available in German) and many other information are provided by our friendly service team of the city information. They will certainly have a few insider tips for you. Come and visit us at “Rathausplatz 1”, directly in Bad Honnef’s city center.

Sights by districts

Things to see in Rhöndorf

The small, peaceful town of Rhöndorf is the furthest northern district of Bad Honnef. It is mainly known because of a major name: Konrad Adenauer. The first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany lived in Rhöndorf in his house on the hillside of the Siebengebirge until his death in 1967. Rhöndorf, with its central Ziepchensplatz, has, like many other parts of Honnef, retained its village charm, which you can feel at every corner while visiting the town. The proximity to the Rhine gives it an almost southern flair and the vineyards of the Drachenfels are only a short distance away.

The best way to explore the sights of Rhöndorf is along the “Gesichtsweg 01” (History Trail 01).

Things to see in Rommersdorf-Bondorf

Rommersdorf is a former winegrowers’ village and has preserved its original village atmosphere at its purest. Romantic alleys, half-timbered houses from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as lush floral decorations characterize this district. Starting from here, the access path to the Rheinsteig leads through the idyllic Annatal to Löwenburg. Close historical ties exist with the neighboring Bondorf. Stroll through the picturesque village center and discover the sights of this part of Bad Honnef along the “Geschichtsweg 03” (“History Trail 03“).

Things to see in the city center

Bad Honnef – formerly also called “Nizza am Rhein” (“Nice on the Rhine”) – looks back at a long past as a healing and recreation resort. Located directly on the Rhine at the gates of Cologne and Bonn, its leisure and recreational value was recognized early on. Many representative buildings of wealthy industrial families, built in the “Jugendstil”, characterize the image of the town, especially along the main street and the surrounding streets, such as the “Königin-Sophie-Straße” (“Queen Sophie Street”), named after one of the most famous guests to have visited Bad Honnef.

The newly renovated Kurhaus from 1907, once the center of spa activities, now shines again in fresh glory and has become a prestigious event location.

The pedestrian zone with its many small, owner-operated stores and places to eat and drink invites you to do some comfortable, diverse shopping and then to spend some time in one of the traditional pubs, small cafes or a variety of restaurants and bistros.

The “Geschichtsweg 04” (History Trail 04) also leads through the heart of the city, past many important monuments.

Things to see in Selhof

The district of Selhof used to be strongly influenced by winegrowing, but today you can hardly find any relics from this economic sector here. The district extends from Beuel up to the hillside just below the Eifelblick. In the east, it also forms the border to Rheinbreitbach where it meets the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. A walk along the “Geschichtsweg 02” (History Trail 02) leads you past historic half-timbered houses to the Menzenberg, where most of the sights are located. A stroll through the quiet alleys is definitely worth it, as there is something to discover everywhere.

Things to see in Aegiedienberg

After the previously mentioned districts were located in the valley area along the Rhine, the route now goes up the “Schmelztal”, through the Siebengebirge Nature Park into the district of Aegidienberg, which is located on the mountain. Aegidienberg consists of 13 villages and stretches from the eastern side of the Siebengebirge to the Westerwald. Aegidienberg has also had famous residents, including the well-known writer Heinz G. Konsalik who lived here for many years. Aegidienberg also has its own horse breed: the “Aegidienberger”, which is bred at the local Feldmann farm, is a hybrid of the Icelandic horse and the Paso Peruano and thus belongs to the gaited horse breeds.

Along the “Geschichtsweg 05” (“History Trail 05”) you will discover the different parts of the village and their historical monuments.

Tours by topic

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Guided city tours

Guided city tours are offered in Bad Honnef on demand. During an approximately 1.5-2 hour long tour, you will gain an insight into the eventful history of the city, learn all about our “Gründerzeit“ villas as well as other historic buildings and hear anecdotes from the beautiful town on the Rhine.

Our guide Renate Mahnke is looking forward to your inquiries!

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